This Guy Created A Fidget Spinner Bazooka And Destroyed Hella Shit

Pretty sure this would get banned from a classroom too.

This is a fidget spinner.

It's a spinning toy that's been marketed as a way to help kids with attention disorders like ADHD focus in school settings. But after the spinners became insanely popular, they've started wreaking havoc in classrooms and disrupting the retail industry nationwide.

What else can you do with a fidget spinner besides distract yourself in class/at work?

Enter YouTuber Peter Sripol, who has built a fidget spinner bazooka. He calls it the "Fidget Flinger 9000." It's a giant slingshot of Sripol's own design that shoots fidget spinners into the air at high rotations per minute using compressed air, basically turning them into shuriken.

Peter's experiment began with many fidget spinners...

Some laser cutting...

And some 3D printing.

He fit all the parts together, and voila! The Fidget Flinger 9000 was born.

Time to destroy things. Like this full can of Pepsi.

And this fruit.

Might as well try an egg, too.

Maybe a fluorescent light?

How about this can of spray paint?

When Sripol inspected the can after hitting it with a fidget spinner, he realized "the spinner didn't go all the way through, so I'm not sure if the bazooka is actually lethal or not. But it's definitely not something you want to be shot with." (Aka, don't try this at home, kids.)

Honestly, what would a dangerous home experiment be without some fire?

Sripol said in the video that he unintentionally caught one of his cameras on fire during this lit experiment.

Some innocent spinners were caught in the blast, too.

Eventually, Sripol "ran out of creative ways to destroy things."

The young inventor said in the video that he wishes he had designed the Flinger 9000 to shoot heavier steel spinners rather than just plastic ones, which "kind of suck. They just bounce off things."

"But hey, free idea for anyone for anyone else who's got a [YouTube] channel who wants to do something crazy and stupid," he says. (Seriously though, you probably shouldn't try this.)

You can watch the full video here:

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BuzzFeed News reached out to Peter Sripol to learn more about how he made the Fidget Flinger 9000; we'll update the post if we hear from him.