The App Store Is About To Look Very Different

Apple announced new tabs for featured apps and games.

At its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Monday, Apple announced that its App Store is getting a new look.

Here's what the App Store's homepage looks like now:

Here's what it will look like:

The redesign looks a lot like Apple Music's layout and is much more slick than the old App Store we're all used to.

Instead of the "Categories" and "Top Charts" tabs, there will be a "Today" tab where Apple will feature apps. Apple is also adding a "Games" tab.

The Today tab will feature an app of the day, a game of the day, and daily lists in app categories like meditation. The changes seem to be aimed at improving the ease of discovering new apps with Apple's curation help.

Individual app pages are also getting a redesign.

Apple premiered the sequel to the popular game Monument Valley during its presentation of the new app pages.

Reviews will look like this:

Some people were psyched about the redesign...

The major new design of App Store can possibly fix the discoverability! This is big, given then fact 500M people go there weekly.

Pretty excited to see games getting their own section in the App Store. Really curious to see how this impacts discovery. #WWDC17

And some people were not.

Developers have complained before about the difficulty of getting users to discover and unearth their apps in the App Store.

RT : Best possible demonstration of how broken app store discoverability is: I found out that Monument Valley 2 is out from a Keynote

Is top charts tab gone on the AppStore? Full control of visibility/discovery by Apple 🙃

The new app store at #wwdc2017 seems like it'll be nice for users, but bad for developers by reducing discovery