Snapchat To Sell Sunglasses That Come With A Mounted Camera

Snapchat's first hardware, dubbed Spectacles, will retail this fall for $129.99

Snapchat's new sunglasses called Spectacles records video when you tap a button near the hinge…

Snapchat is releasing a pair of glasses with a mounted camera, dubbed Spectacles.

Business Insider first reported the product release Friday after obtaining a leaked promotional video for Spectacles.

CNBC later confirmed on Twitter that Snapchat, newly renamed Snap Inc, will release the product this fall and price it at $129.99.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that CEO Evan Spiegel rechristened the company because Spectacles is a piece of hardware and goes beyond the Snapchat app.

To record a video clip of up to 10 seconds, users press a button on the frames. Subsequent taps create new recordings, which will sync wirelessly with the Snapchat app on users' phones.

The camera lens will also be 115 degrees, wider than a typical iPhone, the Wall Street Journal reported, and the videos will be circular.

Spectacles will be available in three colors: black, teal and coral, according to the Journal.

Snap Inc did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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