Now You Can Send Snaps That Last Forever

Hello to Magic Eraser, emoji drawings, and "limitless Snaps."

Snap Inc. added three new features to Snapchat today: drawing with emojis, a "Magic Eraser," and snaps that you can watch forever.

The emoji drawings feature works a lot like the drawing tool — but with emojis! You trace a path with your fingers, and the emojis you've selected will appear. The drawings look like this:

And here's what emoji drawings look like with video snaps:

The Magic Eraser is like the sticker tool:

1. You snap a pic.

2. Add a little magic...

3. And...ta-da:

Here are the super-trippy results after I magically erased a selfie:

There are also new time options for snaps: Infinity and Loop.

Infinity lets people look at your photos for as long as they want. It's a big change from regular snaps, which are meant to be ephemeral. The snaps still disappear after you close them.

The company said in a statement, "We’ve all felt the frustration of not being able to fully enjoy a Snap – even after replaying it – and we wanted to give you the option of allowing the recipient to enjoy your Snap as long as they’d like."

Here's what the Infinity setting looks like for photos.

They'll stay on the screen until you tap to close them.

And Loop is the video version of that. It's basically a GIF.

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