A Man Allegedly Killed His Brother With A 4-Foot Sword Because He Thought He Was A Lizard Person

When officers arrived, they said they found the brother dead with the weapon "still protruding from his head."

A Seattle man allegedly killed his brother by jamming a 4-foot sword through his skull on Sunday because he thought he was a lizard person.

"God told me he was a lizard," Buckey Wolfe told 911 dispatchers, according to charging documents.

Wolfe, 26, was charged Tuesday with the second-degree murder of his brother James and ordered held without bail after prosecutors argued he was "severely mentally ill" and a danger to the community.

“The defendant’s actions — jamming the tang end of a four-foot long sharpened metal-bladed sword-like instrument completely through the victim’s head and killing him — demonstrate the danger he poses,” prosecutor Daniel Satterberg wrote.

A Facebook profile appearing to belong to Buckey Wolfe posted often and militantly about Christianity and President Trump, as well as the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory that pedophile elites across the globe are conspiring against Trump, who is waging war against them. Some QAnon supporters believe the global elites they loathe are, in fact, lizard people.

He also pledged allegiance to the violent right-wing Proud Boys group, which denied any affiliation in a statement, claiming he was never an actual member of the organization.

In his call to police on Sunday, Buckey Wolfe allegedly admitted to stabbing his brother through the head. By the time officers arrived at the home, they found James Wolfe dead with the weapon "still protruding from his head."

According to authorities, Buckey Wolfe appeared to be hallucinating, telling detectives who interviewed him that he could see lizards in the interrogation room. He also claimed to have schizophrenia.

"Kill me, kill me, I can't live in this reality," he is reported as having told investigators.

Buckey Wolfe fixated on lizards on Facebook as well. On New Year's Day, he posted a warning about "the cabal and all the corrupt reptiles up at the top who horde technology/ information for their own." He also warned people not to join the "reptilians" who have "black eyes and sharp teeth."

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