Here's How To Use The New Snapchat Tinted Brush And Continuous Recording Features

Turn your friends blue!

Snapchat updated its app on Tuesday with two new features: a tinted brush (accessible through the scissors icon) and continuous video capture.

Tinted brush is available for iOS and Android; continuous video is available for iOS.

The instructions for the tinted brush say, "Outline an object to change its color!" It basically just adds a transparent swatch of color over the something — but it's not SUPER easy to use.

I tried to change my headphones purple, but ended up with a purple ceiling.

As for continuous recording...I couldn't figure it out. I kept pressing the record button, but each of the dozen times I tried it, the video would stop after 10 seconds.

After trying to use the new feature on three different colleagues' Snapchat accounts, I was finally able to get it working on one of them. If you're having trouble accessing the feature, Snap advises that you should try posting at least one video to your story first to get the Multi Snaps feature to appear.

To continuously record, hold your finger on the record button, and Snapchat will capture up to six 10-second videos, which will then display as thumbnails at the bottom of your screen. You can edit them in the normal Snapchat way with stickers and filters, and then send them all or just a few to friends or post them to your story.

The company said continuous recording should be available to iOS users on version 10.13 or later.

Here is me, confused about the new feature, wearing blue eyeshadow:

Here is what the new feature looks like after you've recorded your Snaps continuously:

In other Snap news, you can now buy Snap Spectacles on Amazon, though they won't be in stock until July 25.

Previously, the gadgets were only available in the United States at boutique vending machines called Snapbots, which you can locate using Snap's website. Snapbots and Spectacles arrived in Europe in June, though Spectacles are available online for customers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, or the UK.

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