Google's New Tool Turns Your Goofy Drawings Into Slick Graphics

Autodraw will turn your drawing of a peach into an apple or a Great Horned Owl.

Google just released a fun little tool called Autodraw.

It uses machine learning to predict what your scribbles are supposed to look like by comparing them to drawings in its database. You can use it on your phone, your tablet, or your desktop — anywhere with a browser. If you want to use your drawings (or the perfected versions of them that Autodraw suggests) later, you can download them. And if you're an artist, you can donate drawings to the database.

Doodle, sketch and create in no time with AutoDraw, a new tool that uses #MachineLearning to help you draw fast →…

You start with a blank canvas.

After you draw whatever you can dream up, Autodraw offers you a bunch of images of what it thinks you were trying to draw.

Then Google will turn it into a better-looking version of what you tried to draw.

I was drawing a peach (badly), and Autodraw predicted I would want a streamlined version of a strawberry or an apple. Not bad.

Its other options were a little more wild.

So I was drawing a peach, and the first few options were fruit. But after I scrolled past the fruit drawings Autodraw predicted, its guesses got more creative. Did I mean to draw a rat? No? Maybe some sandals, a bunch of toes, or a Great Horned Owl, then.

Majestic beasts, owls — but fruits they are not.

As I'm sure many people will attempt, I tried to draw a penis. But no luck.

Fun to know that I could communicate my yoga routine to someone else, though.

Maybe Autodraw would have an easier time recognizing an eggplant.

Nope. It thought I was trying to draw a mermaid.

Another one of its suggestions looked a whole lot like a bong.

But it could be a vase, who's to say?

When I scrolled a little further, I found a banana. Close enough.

How about the President?

This got really rough. I'm not great at drawing. It's also possible, since Autodraw is new, that there isn't a sketch of Donald Trump in the tool's library for the algorithms to find.

These are the first options:

A backpack?

"The president's face is a big toe" sounds like a protest sign.

But those are the options it suggested alongside smiley faces.

The owl returns!!!

My favorite suggestion.

In conclusion, Autodraw could help you draw better versions of the things you want to draw, but keep yourself open to possibilities. It can also suggest things you never knew you wanted and that you probably don't need.

Have fun scribbling!

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