The Best Tweets From CES Were About The Power Outage. Enjoy.

"I'm borderline impressed at this level of irony."

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the largest annual technology conferences in the world. But on Wednesday, the power went out in the main hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. And when a lot of tech needs to be powered, that is...a bad thing.

According to the convention center, 3,900 companies are exhibiting this year and will launch some 20,000 new products. CES's website says that 180,000 people attended the convention in 2017. Companies pay thousands of dollars to exhibit, and the lowest ticket price for admittance is $300.

Why a power outage at CES is a big deal: -World's largest tech showcase ground to a halt -Roughly 180,000 attend…

Power was restored within hours, but given that CES attendees are among the most technology-obsessed people in the world, they took to Twitter to express their frustrations and, of course, make jokes.

What I’ll remember from #CES2018 #CESBlackout 🚫💡

If you are in Central Hall, please go save the Sony Aibos. Without power these guys will be dead in two hours. Sara…

.@LGUS’ Curved OLED TV Canyon still rebooting...#CES2018 #CESBlackout

So the power went out at CES. An electronics show. …It’s been out for a while. I’m borderline impressed at this le…

There was some minor drama over charging smartphones, which were locked in an electronic tower.

People who were charging their phones outside Central Hall don't have a way of getting them back. The screens are o…

The real irony is that their phones are locked in a charging tower BUT AREN’T CHARGING. If you want to see people f…

Companies piled on.

aibo, did you trip over the power cord? #SonyCES #CES

It didn't take long for PR companies to capitalize on the CES power outage...

Introducing Blackout™: The biggest thing to hit #CES2018 since #5G. #CESblackout

Intel had a violin player at its booth who continued playing during the blackout.

The human spirit never loses its power. #CESblackout @thisishaana

But Intel's tweet didn't go over well with everyone.

The company is facing scrutiny after cybersecurity researchers discovered two vulnerabilities, nicknamed Meltdown and Spectre, in the company's chips that may affect all personal computers manufactured since 1995.

@intel I mean, a blackout usually follows in the aftermath of a Meltdown...

@intel Were they using your processors? #intelinside

@intel hey @intel you really sure you want to be pointing our other peoples flaws right now? Under the specter of a…

All told, the power outage lasted about two hours, according to tweets from the official CES account, which even joined in with the jokes.

We have confirmation that #CES2018 is indeed lit

CES did not immediately respond to request for comment. But the Las Vegas Convention Center said in a statement that a preliminary assessment indicated that condensation from heavy rainfall caused a "flashover" on one of the facility’s transformers.

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