Chris Evans Uses Nothing On His Beard, It's Just That Magnificent

OMG, Captain America thinks he's a dork! (and other things he told us on Thirst Aid Kit)

We've all seen Chris Evans before, yes?

OK, good!

So we invited Chris Evans, aka Captain America, onto our podcast, Thirst Aid Kit, to have a chat about, well, a lot of things. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation.

1. It takes about three weeks to a month to grow that Cap beard — and get this, he uses nothing on the beard, not even juices and berries. "I've had multiple people try to push some sort of a beard oil on me...Who is lubin' up their beard?" he asked incredulously. 😶

We deserve a medal for not ~ going there ~ when Chris Evans said the words “lubing up” and “beard” in the same sent…


2. You know what Chris will not miss when he hangs up the vibranium shield? That Cap gym routine. He's 36, you know, and just wants to veg out a little.

3. Chris thinks he's a dork and then got self-conscious about saying so. "Ugh," he said. "God, everybody says they're a dork, that's such a stupid thing to say."

4. Chris says he has no idea what fan fiction is (!). So we told him, and he was interested in some slash fic starring Cap — and Hulk. "Wow, that sounds like it could get...kind of rough." 👀

1) Chris didn’t know what fanfic was 2) He caught on pretty quickly 3) He clearly had thoughts about the logisti…

5. Growing up, Tom Cruise was the ultimate movie star — Chris even modeled his idea of movie masculinity on him. Even now, as a bona fide film star himself, Chris still thinks Tom is pretty special.

6. We asked Chris when we might get to see him on screen with a love interest that was a person of color. "I'm gonna make some phone calls," he said. Brb, writing a screenplay!

7. He's looking forward to playing a "vile character" when he takes up the role of Bill in a Broadway revival of Kenneth Lonergan's Lobby Hero this spring.

You can listen to the entire episode of Thirst Aid Kit right here.

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