14 Crucial Stories About The Latino Vote In 2016

The story of the Latino vote may turn out to be the story of campaign 2016. Adrian Carrasquillo and other BuzzFeed News reporters have been there all along, and here is the story of the campaign through that lens.

1. The Clinton Campaign Will Try To Turn Donald Trump Into Latino Votes, September 2015

2. The Clinton Campaign Wants To Win The Latino Vote One Text At A Time, November 2015

3. The Anti-Immigration Activist Who Set The Stage For Donald Trump, November 2015

4. Trump’s Effect On The Latino Vote Has Begun: More Hispanic U.S. Citizens Are Coming, January 2016

5. How Clinton’s Obama Veterans In Nevada Postponed A Political Revolution, February 2016

6. Meet Trump’s Hispanics, April 2016

7. In Queens, Trump’s Plan To Deport Everyone Strikes Close To Home, April 2016

8. The Inside Story Of How Clinton Changed The Election From A High School In Nevada, April 2016

9. Clinton Latino Operation, Going Beyond Obama In ‘12, Readies Final Trump Battle Plan, August 2016

10. Could Sheriff Joe Arpaio Actually Lose This Time?, September 2016

11. The Rise And Fall Of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council, September 2016

12. Donald Trump Can’t Stop Talking About Alicia Machado For Some Reason, September 2016

13. Donald Trump Is Causing Bitter Fights Inside Cuban-American Families, October 2016

14. As Florida Early Voting Begins, 99% More Latinos Have Already Voted Than In 2012, October 2016

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