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We Should All Be Sad That Modern Social Media Wasn't Around For George W. Bush

Because, imagine...

Posted on October 17, 2013, at 3:53 p.m. ET

Does anyone remember that this dude was PRESIDENT for eight years?!

And this stuff was not really available for MOST of that time!

1. He was the most GIF-able president of all time.


Because he would do this move at the presidential podium.


2. Think of all the memes that could have been!

3. His quotes were always perfect.

4. And think of what the internet would have done with these perfect moments!


5. We missed all the little quirky stuff that only the internet could catch and appreciate!

Like Bush cleaning his glasses on the Letterman makeup lady.

And hocking a loogie on the White House lawn.

6. His interactions with other public officials would have been so perfect for the internet too.


"U.S. Beef."

LOOK at the U.S. and Russia and China!?

Via AP

7. And just imagine if they let him run the Twitter handle for a moment.

LUCKY FOR US, George W. Bush provides ample internet material even AFTER his two terms.

"Stay strong."