Why Sunny Obama Is The Most Hopeless Drama Diva In The History Of White House Dogs


Sunny Obama is a Portuguese water dog who was introduced to the first family in August 2013.

And she is kind of spoiled.

1. First of all, she ruined Christmas.

2. She is a total attention hound.

If you are taking a photo of her, she will just walk up and lick your camera.


3. She is lazy.

4. She does not look the right way when taking photos.

5. She gives the White House dog walker heartburn.

6. She is always looking for food.

7. She distracts all the White House press from doing their JOBS!

8. Her older, smarter brother Bo is always rolling his eyes at her drama/diva ways.

9. And when they have a photo op, guess who is always messing it up?

Sunny Obama: The Hopeless Drama Diva of the White House.