Why Everyone In D.C. Should Start Dressing Like This 83-Year-Old Congressman

Do it now.

This is how most Congressmen dress:


Here is how you should dress:

Observe, the essential fashion rules that 83-year-old Rep. Howard Coble can teach us:

1. There is a RIGHT way to wear a hat.

It can even be a really floppy cloth one.

You just have to rock it like a boss.

Then in meetings you can take the hat off and impress everyone.

2. Colorful jackets are really in right now.

There is nothing worse than being the boring looking one.

Nailed it.

3. If you can do it, you should try some color blocking.

Color blocking is really big in other countries' politics.

4. Wearing something patriotic is never out of fashion.

These colors don't run.

5. Even if you are playing sports, there is no excuse to look like a slouch.


6. When you're picking out ties, pick the ones that really represent you.

Ties are typically boring. They should really reflect who you are as a person.

7. If you are going on TV make sure you wear bright colors.

They always show up better.

8. Stop dressing so uptight and relax a little bit.

Being relaxed attracts the right people.

9. Navy is so in right now.

10. Always dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

Ultimately, your fashion choices should inspire another generation.

Perhaps it is all this #SWAG that made Coble the #1 Bachelor in Congress

So who want's to dress like Howard Coble?

Blue on blue on blue on blue...

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