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What We Can Learn About Rob Ford From His Amazing Facebook Photos

Quite a lot actually.

Posted on November 12, 2013, at 11:34 a.m. ET

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has thousands of photos on his official Facebook.

Here is what we can derive about the controversial Mayor from these photos.
Via Facebook: TOMayorFord

Here is what we can derive about the controversial Mayor from these photos.

1. Drake makes him laugh.

2. He will hold the tail of the iguana on your head.

3. He fits nicely into a 2013 McLaren Spider 12C.

4. He can werk.

5. He loves hurling candy canes at people on the street.

6. He once found a canoe full of garbage.

And when he picks up garbage, he sometimes wears a happy face tie.

7. He loves sponging cows.

8. He once played a character in The Nutcracker.

No, but seriously.

9. He once shot this tiny gun indoors.

10. He once stole a trumpet from this band.

11. He met an owl.

12. He grabbed Florida Governor Rick Scott's shoes in the middle of his office.

And Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is his bestie.

13. He is somewhat uncomfortable around hipsters.

14. He loves serving people McDonalds.

Like, loves it.

15. He once wore a three piece suit.

16. Old men love staring directly at him when they take a photo together.

17. He hangs out with old Bono.

18. Kids love trolling his tie.

19. He goes fishing with your grandma.

20. He was almost punched in the face by these two guys.

And he was punched in the face by boxing legend George Chuvalo.

21. The 'Ford Nation" loves him.

So just remember: Rob Ford's Facebook is the best.

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