What It's Like Being Conservative On A Liberal Campus

Let these Rushmore GIFs soothe your pain.

You really tend to stand out as a conservative on a college campus.

And you are amazed that students just sit and absorb left-wing indoctrination in the classroom.

This is what it's like waiting for people to sign up for College Republicans on club day.

Seven hours later:

When someone says they are OK with higher tax rates because the government is here to take care of us:

When someone mentions Ronald Reagan:

When professors tell you that communism would work if "it was only done right."

When a liberal loves something Obama did, but hated it when Bush did it.

When your friends start posting Obama talking points all over Facebook and Twitter during a national political debate.

You are the only person at your school who has ever fired a gun.

And the only person who doesn't think all guns should be banned forever.

You make a valiant, but failed attempt at reforming the arch-liberal student government.

When your economics professor asks for someone to critique Obama's economic policy:

When the Occupy protests on your campus fail miserably:

When you see the Obama for America group STILL organizing on your campus:

Trying to debate with your classmates the massive superiority of the free market is like this:

You try to keep your political beliefs hidden in the dating scene.

But in a moment of weakness you tell the person you're seeing that honestly, George W. Bush might have been your favorite president ever.

When your fellow students tell you they are OK with having the government take over their health care:

You are the first student on campus to have your own business cards.

You openly say that global warming is an alarmist issue conjured up by a failed presidential candidate with nothing better to do.

You are so sick of people saying that you hate animals and wildlife.

You are the only person who is happy to stand up for big business.

When you say America is the greatest country in the world:

And by the end of senior year you're feeling like this:

But you know after four years of intellectual and social persecution for your beliefs...

... that you were the true counterculture rebel on campus.

And in the end, you know most of these students will become conservatives as soon as they start paying taxes.

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