13 Ways Republicans Can Win The Internet

The Grand New Party.

Cheer Up Republicans!

You can win the internet and a whole new generation of conservatives if you made just a few changes in your outreach strategy!

1. The internet likes optimism. Be happy!

You will never win over new voters if this is the party message:

Optimism is contagious!

People need to know that you love doing what you are doing.

2. Purge the old, disaffected messaging leaders from your ranks.

So they stop releasing mind-numbing 100-page reports that no one will read.





3. You don't have to be serious all the time.

The internet wants to relate with you and is begging you to be more personal and entertaining!

Chuck Grassley is a great example!

Everyone loves him on Twitter !

Unlike Mitch McConnell, whose Twitter is essentially the foursquare of boring meetings and news articles.

4. Don't force social media.

Social media is about relating with people on an everyday level.

Eric Cantor should tweet this gif. Because everyone loves smiling rabbits!

Don't be scared of pushing your messaging with memes and humor!

5. And the internet will probably make fun of you when you mess up.

But just go with it! You can still win!

6. Acknowledge young Republicans, who are doing the extraordinarily difficult job of being conservative on a college campus.

They are patriotic and savvy!

And have aspirational dreams about the future and what it means to be a Republican!

Young conservatives should be handed the messaging of the party because they are not scared of what people are going to think.

7. This guy is not the enemy. Libertarians are key to progressing conservative views for young people. Embrace them!

8. The media may not agree with you on everything...

...but if you are fun and personable they will love you!






9. And it is ok to be a character!

Being yourself with all your flaws is endearing.

And can add so much to your appeal.

Go Joe!

10. Quit it with the phony, photo-op minority "outreach" efforts.

It comes off as contrived and desperate.

Republicans in the House and Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act in much larger percentages than Democrats.

Women's suffrage was championed by Republicans!

No, seriously!

So, start running on the principles of freedom and equality.

11. Welcome the gays!

Many gays could be natural Republicans if you reached out to them instead of treating them like this:

12. Make your serious points pretty and shareable: GOOD JOB Mr. Speaker.


Senator Roberts has got it!

13. In the end, being conservative can be awesome — don't hide it!

Embrace the youth and the internet and they will embrace you!

And Hillary says:

UPDATE: Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, has tweeted out the smiling rabbit.

.@bennyjohnson I don't know if @GOPLeader will but I got you on #4 --> I like smiling rabbits: http://t.co/kr5SMPMf3J

.@bennyjohnson I don't know if @GOPLeader will but I got you on #4 --> I like smiling rabbits: http://t.co/kr5SMPMf3J-- Darrell Issa

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