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13 Things That Happened While D.C. Was Obsessed With The Shutdown

Oh, yea, that thing over in the Middle East.

Posted on October 17, 2013, at 6:49 p.m. ET

While D.C. was, almost exclusively, obsessing over the political ramifications of our government shutdown...

...people elsewhere had other problems to chase.

1. A violent, three-year civil war raged on in Syria.

Stringer / Reuters

Dramatically affecting the lives of an entire generation.

Loubna Mrie / Reuters

2. Iran and Israel exchanged tough new words on nuclear weapons and force.

Mike Segar / Reuters

3. Cyclone Phailin hit eastern India...

India / Reuters

...destroying the livelihoods of millions.

Ahmad Masood / Reuters

4. Over 1,000 people died in Iraq in horrific sectarian violence.

5. Hundreds of activists for various causes were jailed in Russia.

Handout / Reuters

6. The next Olympics might be a disaster.


7. Seventeen people died in a massive typhoon that hit Japan.

Kyodo / Reuters

8. This girl did not win the Peace Prize, but stole our hearts anyway.

Getty Handout

9. Glenn Greenwald will start creeping on spooks from Rio now.

Via Sergio Moraes / Reuters

10. Oktoberfest happend.

Michaela Rehle / Reuters

11. These guys had their marriage somehow not work out.


12. The world will have a bunch of new billionaires.

13. And all of Boston gave zero fucks about your damn shutdown.