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The Most YOLO Congressman On Facebook

You Only Legislate Once.

Posted on June 4, 2013, at 4:44 p.m. ET

Meet Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL).

27. He is clearly the most YOLO congressman on Facebook. Look at him headbutt this beluga whale.

26. He cooks in a restaurant.

And makes this derp face while doing it.

25. He uses filters on his selfies on the House floor.

24. He takes on creepy Easter bunnies that are terrorizing Chicago neighborhoods.

23. He fights raging fires with his bare hands.

He fights toothless hockey goons.

He fights other Congressmen, like Rep. Murphy (D-PA), on the Capitol steps.

But they all get along in the end.

22. He chills with Santa.

21. He LOVES dogs and takes them in to testify before congress.

And then adds filters to them.

20. He hands out half drank jugs of apple cider.

19. He YOLO's up on stage with this Roots band.

18. He plants trees like this.

17. He teaches infants how to bowl.

16. He chills out at this shelter with a big sweater on.

15. He operates heavy machinery.

14. He delivers valentines he wrote to people in the hospital.

13. He hangs out in meatpacking factories.

12. And makes sandwiches by the dozen.

11. He poses in front of this gigantic mobile weiner.

10. He is masterful at the thumbs-up.


9. He gets interviewed by Stephen Colbert.


7. He cleans sewers with his hands.

6. This is what the inside of his congressional office looks like (not really, but it could.)

5. He makes cheesecake YOLO.

And raspberry tart.

4. He catches asian carp with a giant net.

3. He wins the Stanley Cup and just holds it above his head for hours.

2. He is secretly building his own pioneer village.

1. He dresses in Dickens-era clothing to give floor speeches.

Mike Quigely = Congressman YOLO.