The Biggest Slap Fight Washington Has Ever Seen

The issue of sequestration has led to lots of petty finger-pointing but little action in D.C. while regular Americans struggle.

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Two years ago, both Congress and President Obama agreed that if they couldn't reach a compromise on spending cuts by the end of 2012, across-the-board cuts would go into effect automatically.

These spending cuts, called sequestration, will take place on March 1st. However, neither party really wants to see them happen now.

And they both refuse to agree on a solution.

The White House has blamed Congress for sequestration.

But Republicans point out that these cuts were the White House's idea originally.

The White House reminded House Republicans that a vast majority of their members voted for the cuts in 2011.

But the Republicans reminded Obama that this was bipartisan legislation that he signed.

So Team Obama created their own hashtag on twitter called "JobsNotCuts."

And so House Speaker John Boehner created his own hashtag on twitter called "Obamaquester."

Obama said, "I will sign something that replaces the broad cuts with a balance of spending cuts and new revenue."

But Republicans and Bob Woodward all said, "That is not the deal you signed, you're going back on your word."

Obama said "I will take the argument on the road to the American people."

Republicans said "Go do it, no one will care."

So, over the last two weeks, the president has been on a nation wide trip decrying the cuts as "horrible" and "debilitating" while blaming them on the Republicans.

But Republicans said, "You're wasting everyone's time and money. Get back to DC."

Obama said, "You come meet with me!"

But Republicans said: "No, you come meet with us!"

And so it looks like the cuts are going to happen all while our leaders in Washington do this:

So while unemployment rises to 7.9% nationwide...

...Washington does this.

And while households on food stamps reach new records...

...Washington does this.

And while 23.5% of America's Black and Hispanic populations remain unemployed...

...Washington does this.

And while median household incomes fall four years in a row...

...Washington does this.

And while the U.S. National Debt remains staggering...

...Washington does this.