23 George W. Bush Moments That Probably Won't Make It Into His Presidential Library

Ah, memories.

You may have heard the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is opening today!

But we wonder if it will include some of our 43rd president's most lovable moments?

23. Like his compelling questions to audiences.

22. Or his attempt to dribble a basketball with no air.

21. When he bonked his head on the doorway of Marine One.

To be fair, this is kind of a small doorway.

20. Like when he hocked a luger on the White House lawn.

19. His candor at the Presidential podium.

18. His special brand of English.


17. His bold statements on foreign policy.

16. And his realistic policy explanations.

15. His profound appreciation for nature.

14. His mathematical ability.

13. His sheer agility.

12. His Texas roots.

11. His Oval Office "come at me bro"

10. His special expressions.

9. His ways of always showing affection for the First Lady.

8. His use of the Late Show makeup lady's shirt to clean his glasses.

7. His ability to relate to the average American.

6. His tax policy!

5. And who can forget the effect he had on Hollywood?

4. When this happened.

3. Managing those tricky Chinese doors.

2. His dropping of Barney in front of one horrified softball team.

It was actually kind of scarring.

1. His kick-ass dance moves!

Our one request: Don't leave out his own masterpieces.