The 7 Most God-Awful Websites In The Senate

Hey, senators: 2002 is calling, and it wants its web designers back.

7. The Senate webpage of Dick "I Love Gradients" Durbin (D-IL):

6. Frank Lautenburg's (D-NJ) webpage:

5. John McCain's (R-AZ) website/personal Tumblr:

4. Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) confusing portal to the '90s:

Some parts are needlessly vague, like his press page:

And others are infuriatingly specific, like his attempt at beating Google Maps below:

To top it all off, a clunky blue block packed full of nano-specific links haunts you around the entire site.

3. Harry Reid's (D-NV) "My God, this guy is in charge of the Senate?" website:

His pictures have nice Wordpress 1.0 frames formatted around them.

Reid's "Newsroom" looks like an auto-parts salvage website.

2. Mike Crapo's (R-ID) "HP Desktop in 1999" website:

This senator last updated his website before Kim Kardashian married Chris Humphries.

Yes, he does have a pronunciation of his name at the top of a page.

Yes, he does have a creepy "Where George Washington Slept" section on his website.

His website does demonstrate the mind-numbingness of government bureaucracy.

Crapo's press releases page looks a bit like a NASA Excel sheet.

Crapo's multimedia world landing page is running Adobe 7.

It provides an entire block of complex, non-intuitive shortcuts.

And most of the photos are just not that gallery-worthy.

1. Bill Nelson's (D-FL) website.

There are really no formatting rules for Senator Nelson's site.

There are dynamic updates from his day:

Mixed with strange staff-written stories.

This is how the site sells the state of Florida.

After 13 years in the Senate, Nelson has amassed 29 photos for his multimedia page.

Congrats, Senator! Worst webpage in the Senate.

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