The 31 Most Important Political GIFs Of 2013

The GIF that keeps on giving.

31. Michelle's incredible side-eye

30. This presidential photobomb

29. Mitt Romney ironing himself

Really anything Mitt Romney did besides run for president

28. W's tail feather

27. "Rubio, you so thirsty"

26. Investigative Boehner

25. Joe Biden teaching us to buy shotguns

No, but, yes.

24. The winning intern in the 2013 "Running of the Interns"

And those interns who protested the Running of the Interns

23. John Kerry heading this soccer ball into the ground

22. The sleeping man

21. The moment we all knew our wild Weiner ride was over

Thank you for the magic, Weiner.

20. Drama Obama

19. When this important story broke

18. Sorcerer Rand Paul

17. Sad Ted Cruz

16. Rambo Rick

15. The McCain giggle

14. A toast

13. Palin packing

And Big Gulp Palin

12. Biden, Bidening

11. Mr. Intensity (behind Sen. Orin Hatch)

10. NOPE Michelle

9. Kathleen's #SHADE

8. The full Christie

7. Photo Bo-ing

6. The Ted Cruz wrecking ball

5. When the government shutdown took a turn for the best

When the shutdown really took a turn for the worst

4. The stenographer being removed from the House floor

3. Fainting Obamacare Lady

And Super Excited About Obamacare Lady

2. Everything Rob Ford

1. Rob Ford + Miley = Perfection

Politics Editor McKay Coppins and all of us here on the BuzzFeed Politics team wish you all the success in the new year...

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