The 25 Biggest Bromance Moments Between George W. Bush And Vladimir Putin

U mad?

Back in the day, even though it was an ultimately doomed effort, George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin had some real bromance moments.

25. Like when they had this romantic cheers while locking eyes.

24. When they bro hugged so hard it surprised Laura.

23. When Putin kissed the First Lady... a few times.

22. When the two world leaders discovered this new room in the Kremlin.

21. "U mad bro?"

20. "Cool story, bro. Tell it again."

19. "Seems legit..."

18. "Nice 1956 Volga, bro. "

17. But check out my whip.

"Pass the Combos..."

16. "Come to me."

15. When they smiled and the world smiled back.

14. When they wore these lovely dresses with the Chinese President.

13. When they patted each other politely.

12. When Bush invited Putin to his home in Maine for a 'lobster summit.'

And Kennebunkport welcomed him with open arms.

11. When Putin nuzzled H.W. Bush's dog with his face.

10. When Bush applauded Putin's giant fish.

9. "LOLZ"

More LOLZ!

8. When Bush totally let Putin go first.

7. When Putin let Bush play with his Sochi Olympics model.

6. When they took this romantic stroll down a tree-lined lane.

5. Then they waved and looked like they were holding hands.

4. That adorable time they drove around in a golf cart.

3. When Putin did his "Haterz Gon' Hate" walk.

2. When street vendors in Russia made little wooden dolls of Bush and Putin.

1. When they both took a sunset walk down a pier along the Black Sea...

P: "Someday, this will all be mine." B: "Huh?" P: "Nothin."


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