The 2014 Running Of The Interns

Run #thistown

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You may be unfamiliar with the annual D.C. tradition known as the 'Running of the Interns,' seen last year here...

... if you live under a rock.

There is no televised or electronic recording allowed inside the Supreme Court.

So when a big decision is going to be handed down, broadcast television interns line up inside the court where the print-outs of the ruling are handed out...

... and they physically run the ruling out of the court, across the hot limestone, all the way to their waiting TV anchors.

The sprint is a brutal quarter mile to where the networks are allowed to broadcast.

You know you're in the presence of a 'Running of the Interns' participant when you see an intense youngster wearing dress clothes and running shoes.

The interns have to preform the run in front of hundreds of crazy protesters...

This guy, dressed as a Bible, is wearing no pants

...and dorky staffers Instagramming them.

The cops actually have to clear out a giant path through the crowd for the intern to run through.

To deliver your ruling first is an intern badge of honor.

The fastest runner in the 2014 Running of the Interns was Jason from FOX News.

Look at that form!

Look at that Rage Face:

Jason is so fast, cameras can hardly catch him as he BLASTS through the crowd.

*slowed down for the human eye*

Just one problem:

Jason Donner once again smokes the competition at the Sup Ct on behalf of @foxnews

Sources at FOX have confirmed: Jason is not an intern.

Meet Leah from FOX Business!

Leah is a pink shoe wearing, go-getter who burned up the court.


And here is how happy the Fox Business on-air personality is when Leah arrives.

Other honorable mentions: This speedy intern.

The girl who was able to hold her dress.

And artfully dodge these loiterers.

This total clown who had to be pulled out of the way so the majestic interns can run.

Close call, buddy.

Look at that speed.

And of course, the 'zero fucks given' intern.

So here’s to you brave participants in the 'Running of the Interns.' Till next session!

Uncredited photos by Benny Johnson.

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