The 2013 Running Of The Interns

A Supreme Court special edition.

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The "Running of the Interns" is a cherished Washington D.C. tradition.

Whenever the Supreme Court hands down a groundbreaking ruling...

...broadcast interns wait patiently inside to be handed the decision.

Once in hand, they barrel across the front of the court to their respective network broadcast positions.

The distance can be quite a hike in dress clothes!

To supporters or protesters waiting outside the court, the sign of the sprinting intern elicits joy and cheers, and signals that a long-awaited decision has been passed down.

And this is what the sprinting intern sees at the finish line:

So arriving at your network first is an intern badge of honor.

The gold medal in the Running of the Interns 2013 goes to this intrepid young man.

Notice the masterful technique here:

Silver medal goes to this sprinting go-getter.

Notice the veteran move of raising the decision over your head in judicial triumph.

The floodgates were released after that.

Some interns decided to be more casual with their breaking news than others.

And some even made a mockery of the event by walking.

Some sprinting interns could not cut it today.

But even to you light jogging interns, we salute you.

So here's to you brave participants in the Running of the Intern. Till next session.

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