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Senate Staffers Can Take Free Classes On Sleeping, Sitting, And Forgiveness

Tax dollars hard at work.

Posted on June 10, 2013, at 2:48 p.m. ET

The Senate Office of Education and Training offers many classes to workers in the Senate.

1. For instance, do you need help sleeping?

You can even bring a sleeping bag to the class.


2. The Senate also offers a class in forgiveness.

"Consequences of living with a grudge may include ... weight gain."

Any given day in the Senate:


3. Do you need help with grammar?

The Senate Office of Education and Training should have taken this class.

4. Do you work with people who are older than you?


Typical US Senate office:

5. "Making small talk can be intimidating."

" Discuss strategies for dealing with uncomfortable situations."

6. Do you know how to sit?


Your average Senate staffer:

7. And just in case you were wondering how the Senate manages their time, there is a class for that:

Did not take the class:

The Senate Office of Education and Training did not immediately get back with BuzzFeed on how much they spend a year for these classes.