Rep. Trey Radel Made The Best Vines In All Of Congress


Rep. Tray Radel is having a rough week after pleading guilty to cocaine possession and receiving one year probation.

But lets hope that doesn't keep him from continuing to make the greatest Vines in Congress.

1. Like the paranoid Toy Story Vine.

2. The "Creepy fish."

3. Or when he creeped out the MSNBC crew by filming them.

4. There was the time when he kind of hit on this ape.

5. And that one time he went full YOLO and filmed some lightning.

6. He once Vined Fox and Friends playing tennis in high heels.

7. He even shared his existential musings in the D.C. metro.

8. There was that special moment when he rolled deep with his entourage.


10. He went meta and Vined a meeting about Vine.

11. There was this coordinated Vine with his Leg staff.

12. The president of Peru got the full Vine treatment.

13. Not to mention his amazing Vines of swimming Polar Bears.

14. Or his very own music video.

15. He loves rap.

16. His commute to work in the morning was captured, of course.

17. He openly admitted how dumb Google Glass looks.

18. He really sums up what it's like working at the Capitol.

19. And even shared Vines of his kids dancing!

So stay calm, Tray, and...

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