Presidents Love Michael Jackson

Even Ronald Reagan had a soft spot for the King of Pop.

4. Jimmy Carter loves him some MJ.

And Jimmy Carter says:

3. Ronald Reagan YOLO'd with Jackson at the White House in 1984.

Reagan cracked MJ up...

...then shook that glitter glove.

Reagan told Jackson "Your success is an American dream come true."

George Bush invited Jackson to the White House after he won an "entertainer of the decade" award.

Bush did not receive the glitter glove.

However Barbra walked Michael around the WH lawn and told him the latest gossip.

George HW Bush was also known to give Jackson the screwface.

2. Bill Clinton LOVED Jackson.

They once posed for this glamor shot together!

And Clinton sang with Jackson at his first inauguration.

Clinton, killing 'We are the World.'

Jackson politely listening.

Hillary even got in on the action.

1. So no matter what you think of MJ, it is impossible to deny his effect on the American political world:

And The King of Pop says:

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