Please Join D.C. In Welcoming Its New Doughnut Overlord

All hail, most powerful Dome-nut.

The Capitol is a place all D.C. residents hold sacred and the dome inside the Capital is a special point of pride.

And a sizable portion of D.C. has given their out-of-town friends tours of the dome.

But horrified D.C. residents arrived Thursday to find their beloved dome covered by THIS.

Apparently this abomination is for some "renovation."

And people are furious. Especially since it will be there for 18 months.

#selfie with @bennyjohnson and the Dome-nut. He's not a huge fan.

But our leaders are now demanding we embrace the new dome overlord.

FIRST LOOK: Visitors return to @uscapitol Rotunda and see restoration canopy for the first time -->

And the ugly scaffolding that goes with it.

It's inspired us to decide what our new overlord looks most like.

Clear Eyes


That terrifying Giant Squid eye.

Bundt cake overlord?


Stay Puft.

But Rep. Kevin Brady knows the real truth:

Clearly, it looks like a flying saucer @bennyjohnson

It is from space.

...or perhaps it's a black hole... @bennyjohnson #ETPhoneDome #CapitolDome

All hail our new dome overlord.

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