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Obamacare Failures As Told By Dr. House

"This is going to hurt."

Posted on October 15, 2013, at 10:42 a.m. ET

Editors' note

This post has been corrected to remove phrasings copied from the New York Times, as a quoted phrase misattributed to the Times piece.

BuzzFeed takes its responsibility to readers very seriously, and plagiarism is a major breach of that responsibility. Please read our apology to readers here.

On Oct. 1, Obamacare insurance exchanges went live in all 50 states.

And the $400 million sign-up system began to crash almost immediately.

On the first day, ALL health care exchanges that relied on the federal government’s system failed at one point.

Many of those who were able to create profiles had their passwords erased in a system failure.

And more users have had to change their usernames due to another massive authentication glitch.

A source told the New York Times that only "70 percent" of the site has been "operating properly."

A health care expert estimated no more than 5,000 were able to succeed in accessing insurance enrollment.

Even if you managed to sign up, the fate of your application could not be assured.

The failures of the online system are driving customers to rely on paper applications...


...which may create another backlog nightmare.

Success of the Affordable Care depends on young and healthy Americans signing up en masse to share the burden of expenses for the older and sicker.

New regulations prescribed by the law have forced insurance premiums to skyrocket, leading to sticker shock in some applicants.

And many have been booted from their insurance plans...


...despite continual promises by the administration that this would not happen.

Obamacare has not been helped politically by the government shutdown, and some prominent politicians, and their filibusters.


But it is becoming impossible to blame all the problems on politics or high sign-up rates, as the administration has attempted to do.

Even longtime administration supporter Ezra Klein called the site a "disaster," saying, "They’ve done a terrible job on this website.”


Klein also added that there had been a “big traffic bottleneck, but behind that traffic bottleneck there’s now the worry that there are deeper, more systemic problems.”

And former Obama spokesperson Robert Gibbs called the rollout “excruciatingly embarrassing.”

Those involved with the rollout are scrambling to deploy quick fixes to the troubled site...

So I guess we are going to have to just sit and wait to see what happens next.