John Kerry Was Really Bro-Ing Out After The Iran Deal

U nuclear bro?

Secretary of State John Kerry recently passed some deal with Iran to prevent them from throwing a nuclear bomb around.

During the process, he has been bro-ing out uncontrollably.

All through the negotiations, Kerry kept asking Iran if they were mad.

Kerry had meetings with Russia and was all like:

Once a deal was reached, Kerry demonstrated classic bro hug form.

And pointed uncontrollably at his bros.

Kerry was all up in this gurlz grill.

(That's European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.)

He even told the Russians they had a cool story.

And when the press started asking questions, Kerry told France...

And he told Russia...

Then Kerry got up there and told the press:

But Kerry made sure the press was not actually mad.

Kerry's bro-ness spread to the entire delegation.

The French were all fresh.

And France and Iran had a Bro-Level of 102%.

Off the charts.

After the deal, he told British Foreign Secretary William Hague about the night before.

And then they swapped stories about how big of a joke Russia was in front of a football.

So Kerry proves what we knew all along: To avoid nuclear war, keep calm ...

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