FDR Had The Greatest Childhood Ever

I want.

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You may know of the four-term, wartime president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

But do you know baby FDR?

FDR was born into one of New York's oldest, most affluent families in 1882.

His grandfather made his fortune trading tea and opium in China.

His mother's family was independently wealthy as well.

And since Franklin was an only child, he was spoiled big-time.

He got to take photos on a lion rug.

And look wistfully away as he sat in this sweet chair.

He wore these dashing suits.

And checkered vests!

He had this amazing dog.

He learned to ride, shoot, row, and play polo and lawn tennis at a young age.


And wear amazing hats like this one.

Frequent trips to Europe made Roosevelt conversant in German and French.

And at 16, he was given a sailboat by his father.

How else do you think he became this badass?

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