19 Dorky Things You Will Only See At The Congressional Baseball Game

Take me out to the lobbyist sponsored blowout!

The Congressional Baseball game is back again!

But there are a few things that make this game a bit different from your regular baseball game.

1. Like, the moment you walk in you realize this is not normal.

Every staffer is wearing some themed shirt in honor of their boss.

Don't even want to imagine what a "Paul game" is

2. There is an alarming amount of security around the stadium.

Like, two cops blocking in this Smart car.

3. Most baseball games do not have the National Jewish Democratic Council attempting to give out free tickets by the gate.

4. And once you're in the door you get 'Go Democrats' or 'Go Republicans' seat cushions.

GOP staffer: "They told me they were all out of Republican ones!"

5. There are red and blue Mustangs for partisans to take photos with.

I'm sure '#MustangRed' & 'MustangBlue' was trending worldwide.

6. How many baseball games do you know where NASA shows up and inflates their rocket?

"Womp, Womp."

At least our space program still has #SWAG.

7. The Koch funded Generation Opportunity had an open bar...

... and this DNC staffer asked them: "You guys are giving away free beer? Sweet man."

Here are Dem staffers, arms full of #SWAG, making the pivotal decision whether they can drink Koch beer or not.

Don't worry, they went.

Having a ton of fun at our reception before the congressional baseball game. Join us at the Miller Lite Deck!

And thirsty staffers stood in lines 20 deep to get their hands on one of these bad boys.

8. Some of them even double fisted the light beer for maximum effect.

All those Hill staffers who let @bennyjohnson take their pic double fisting at the congressional baseball game will be very sorry tomorrow.

9. Was Mitt Romney right about everything? Apparently.

10. At the Roll Call reception, they we're putting on their annual Taste of America spread.

Which includes just a gigantic plate of bacon from Iowa.

11. Here is how the stadium is split up:

And staffers pack the stands with alarmingly wonky political signs.


13. But don't worry! There are cops in the dugout protecting the congressmen from their staff.

Some Congressmen just cannot win tho:

smdh his only congressional baseball game and they can't spell his state right

14. Staffers wear hats like this:

Why Congress has a 5% approval rating:

15. It is always really great to see members of Congress dressed down and relaxed.

Rep. Farenthold.

Especially when they are making a fashion statement:

I give you NSA critic, Justin Amash.

Like the bedazzled jeans and tie dye shirt that Congresswoman Renee Elmers wears.

Man, NC-2, you just will not win the fashion game.

16. That time a Thad Cochran staffer grabbed Kevin McCarthy and was all like:

"How bout' that Tea Party?"

17. Some staffers definitely do drink too much:

The guy next to me at the congressional baseball game just puked everywhere. He gets up. "I'm super embarrassed. I'm going home."

While the guy next to me at the congressional baseball game was puking, his friends sat there taking snapchats of it.

There's puke everywhere at the congressional baseball game as congressional staffers get blasted while their bosses are on the field.

18. And when it starts raining, the golden umbrellas come out.

In the end, Dems crushed the GOP again:

Winning never gets old #CongressionalBaseball #Democrats

19. But Senator Jeff Flake was still happy wandering around after the game with his cleats

Because hey, $$$$$ for charity:

Right now, members of Congress are playing baseball on a field sponsored by the govt of Qatar, the Koch brothers & Buffalo Wild Wings. #USA

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