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Congressman Ranks All The Animals In His Office By How They Tasted

Oh, that is interesting.

Posted on March 14, 2014, at 2:13 p.m. ET

It is a well-known fact that Republican Rep. Paul Broun has many animals in his office.

He hunted all of the animals himself.

They loom over everything he does.

Broun told BuzzFeed that his hunting life started early. “When I was young I would go out quail hunting with my father,” Broun said. “He would shoot ‘em and I would go out into the field and fetch 'em.” Broun said he learned to shoot from both his mother and father and that hunting was apart of life. “I used to have a shotgun in the car I drove to school every day when I was a kid,” Broun said. “It was just a part of life.” Broun started in politics as a lobbyist for Safari Club International, a pro-hunting, conservation organization. The congressman has hunted all over the world including Alaska, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswana.

And did you know he also ate them all?

Broun eats all of his kills as a sign of "respect" for the animal.

Broun eats all of his kills as a sign of "respect" for the animal.


So for the first time in internet history:

9. Lion

Broun said it was too chewy, but he did eat the lion's heart. Geeze.

8. Cape buffalo

7. Eland

"Tasted very interesting."


6. Nyala

"Very gamey."

5. Red Stag

4. Alaskan Kodiak bear

3. Deer

"Fresh venison is just the best, man."


2. Dall Sheep

"Got this one in Alaska. It was delicious. So lean and tender."

1. Warthog!

“They fixed this guy up in a traditional African way. Roasted over a fire, and poured this delicious sauce all over him. It was just great."

And that is how they all tasted.

Broun added it is really difficult to rank the animals accurately, and that he really liked the experience of eating them all because they were all so different.