Chuck Grassley Tells The Stories Behind His Most Famous Tweets

Despite a scare, the Senator now promises his Twitter feed isn't going anywhere. Here, he explains some of his greatest Twitter hits.

Sen. Chuck Grassley recently told BuzzFeed the stories behind some of his most famous tweets.


1. On October 26th, 2012 Senator Grassley tweeted this:

The story behind the tweet: "Straight north to highway 20, just outside of Dyersville, west of Dubuque, and we hit this deer."

"This one just came up out of nowhere. We were about by the deer, but we didn’t get by it. And it just slams right into the front right fender."

"We were just in a little prius. Which isn’t much of car. Well, I shouldn’t say it wasn’t much of a car."

"So [the Prius] was making all of this noise. So I get out."

"The front fender is rubbing on the tire. So I pulled the fender up off the tire so we could get home."

"A lot of the time people get killed when they hit a deer. And most of the time the deer dies. I don’t know if that deer died or not. 99 percent of the time they die, so I said 'assume deer dead."

2. On Apr 10, 2009 Senator Grassley tweeted this:

"When you have trees along the fence line you have to cut that out or it can interfere with the machinery. So I was doing that and I was burning it."

"And I wasn’t careful enough, and I had some grass that was nearby and the fire caught, kind of got away from me."

"And as I was fighting it, my pants caught on fire."

"You know, when you’ve got two layers of clothes on in the winter time, it can burn a hole in there before you actually feel the heat, see? So I did actually get a wound out of it."

"[My neighbor] saw that I was in trouble, and he brought a pail of water... and a couple of gunny sacks along so we could wet the gunny sacks and whip the fire out. So he helped me get rid of it."

"I was in big trouble, because it could burn hundreds of acres."

"I doctored [the wound] myself, but it wasn’t really well doctored. And after three or four days, I ran into a doctor at a town meeting, and he said you need to get that taken care of, and he gave me a prescription and pretty soon it healed."

3. On December 3rd the Pope joined Twitter. Grassley tweeted this:

The Pope got 370,000 followers in 24 hours.

Did the Pope ever respond to Grassley's nice message? "No he didn't."

Osservatore Romano / Reuters

4. And now Grassley says this to Twitter:

And twitter says: