Chris Christie Really Does Not Like Meghan McCain

Just in case you were wondering if he cared.

On September 24th, Meghan McCain went on Piers Morgan Live and talked about 2016 presidential contenders.

On the show McCain said she was "over" Christie.

When Christie was asked about it on a New Jersey radio station, he did this sassy motion with his hand.

Then he asked: "Are we really going to be responding to Meghan McCain?"

Christie called her comments "ridiculous and sophomoric" and that he has "no response" to her.

Christie said he would respond to McCain's father.

But since Meghan is just a citizen and does not live in New Jersey that she has no "standing."

Christie added that he has no respect for Meghan McCain.

And that he will not respond to her comments just because she has a famous family name.

Watch the 50 seconds of pure unfiltered Jersey right here:

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And Meghan McCain says:

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