Chelsea Clinton Was The Most Adorkable First Daughter Ever

Never has there been so much overalls-wearing in the White House.

Chelsea Clinton was 12 years old when she became First Daughter.

And she is clearly the most adorkable first daughter ever.

She had gigantic metal braces.

She had a fluffy mane.

She sat around at school awkwardly.

But she was waaaay ahead of her time with these retro glasses.

She was super nervous about Michael Jackson.

She clapped like awkward turtle.

She wore tie-dye shirts.

Did we mention her hair?

She wore mom jeans.

And she wore a big dork helmet.

The Secret Service gave her the code named "Energy" since she could not sit still.

And she was forced to do goofy stuff like this:

Oh adorkable Chelsea. We miss you.

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