Breakdown Of The Most Awkward Hug In White House History


President Obama said goodbye to his press secretary of 3 1/2 years today.

And as a parting gesture, Obama gave Carney a historic gift....

1. The first problem was Obama not really knowing where to put his hands.

That's because Obama was going in for the handshake when Jay done changed the game.

2. Which caused Carney to have weird flappy hand.

Goodbye, dreams.

3. That flappy hand latched onto Obama's elbow, forcing Obama to have Raptor hand.

"Raptor hand."

4. Then Carney buried his head in the sweet spot and kinda gave Obama's shoulder a little kiss.

5. Jay thought the ordeal was over (and was releasing) when suddenly, Obama used the Raptor hand to bro yank his head once more.

6. Then Obama slid out of the hug, side-eye style.


This tops the last, most awkward hug in White House history.

The hug has inspired some important Vines

We encourage you to make your own.

Thank you Jay Carney for your final, Obama administration gift to the internet.

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