9 Times Putin Pwned Obama

The White House has a lot to look forward to as it puts the Syria conflict in Russia's hands.

After failing to sell Congress or the public on military strikes against Syria, President Obama has placed his faith in a negotiated “Russian option” to destroy Assad’s chemical weapons.

But Obama's encounters with Russia have tended to leave the White House the worse for wear.

1. The Nuclear Arms Non-Starter.

2. The Reset Button That Wasn’t.

We DARE you to try to watch this 59 seconds of pure awkward.

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3. The Spy Who Came Home From The Costume Department.

In May, the Russian secret services staged the highly public arrest of Ryan Fogle, a third secretary at the U.S. Embassy whom they claimed was a CIA agent secretly trying to recruit turncoats among Russian officers. Among the gear he was caught with was a letter in Russian to an alleged target. Addressed "Dear Friend," it lacked even basic awareness of good security practices and instructed the officer to go through the extra security step of opening a Gmail account in an internet café.

High-tech US Spy/ Drag Kit.

4. And Putin's spies look like this:

5. The State Department Bake Sale.

6. Ed Snowden’s Unpleasant Adventure.

And Obama was just left looking like this:

7. The Offshore Orphanage.

8. The “Putin Proposal” On Syria.

9. And Putin wins hands-down in the photo-op department.