8 Sexiest Bachelors Of Congress

D.C., let these beefcakes warm you up.

8. Sen. Lindsey Graham!

Via Twitter: @GrahamBlog

This swanky senator has been serving South Carolina as a single man since 2003!

He is great around the house.

He knows how to handle a gun.

He is on TV a lot!

His hair looks like this sometimes!

Via Twitter: @GrahamBlog


He has great friends!

And he could take you in rides in this SWAG drop-top.

7. Rep. Eric Swalwell.

This young California congressman is single and ready to mingle.

He can cook!


He has powerful friends.

The ladies love him!

Total stud.

This could be what your wedding photo looks like!


6. Rep. Patrick Murphy!

This Freshman Florida congressman is 100% single.

He is the youngest member of Congress at age 30.

He can cook!

He takes awesome selfies.

I mean, the greatest selfies in all of Congress.

He has powerful friends.

He is proud of his Irish heritage.

But he is so American, this eagle is his best friend.

He is from Florida, so he likes to clean beaches, and go air boating, and stuff!

He is a wall of a man.

Not to mention he gives the BEST hugs.

5. Rep. Cedric Richmond!

Via Facebook: RepRichmond

This 40-year-old bachelor is the man around his district in New Orleans.

He is great with kids!

And is a legit stud who played baseball in college.

Kids and baseball!

And he knows Paul Wall!

Via Twitter: @RepRichmond

Let us see your grill!

4. Rep. Michael Grimm.

He is from New York.

Via Facebook: repmichaelgrimm

He was born in Brooklyn!

He is great with kids.

He can cook!

He was a Marine, duh.

He is a total ladies man.

He has the most interesting life ever.

He freaking loves animals.

3. Rep. Adam Kinzinger!

This 35-year-old veteran is very single and represents the good people of farmland Illinois.

He was a pilot in the Air Force.

He looks great in various shades of khaki.

He is great with children!

He is good with his hands.

He has powerful friends.

2. Congressman Aaron Schock!

Via Facebook: RepAaronSchock

This bona fide single guy is from Peoria, Ill., and was once the youngest member of Congress.

He is a great hugger!

And is great with kids.

He is a snazzy dresser!

He has powerful friends.

He can cook!

He's friendly with Taylor Swift.

He does this face!

Via tmz.com


1. Rep. Howard Coble.

Via Facebook: HowardCoble6

This 82-year-old congressman has never been married and has been serving Greensboro, N.C., since before you were born.

"82 years old. 'Sup?"

He is a ladies man.

And a total stud.

Howard Coble, everybody!