28 Things More Interesting Than The Sequestration Debate

"Hey guys, Sequestration is really important because...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

This has been every political reporter in Washington during the Sequestration battle:

1. Thats because the Sequestration debate has been more boring than: Watching your boyfriend play videogames.

2. Watching paint dry.

3. Watching pasta boil.

4. Watching your odometer turn over.

5. Listening to Michael Douglas.

6. Watching the ink in your pen go out.

7. Sleeping pills.

8. Studying (enter subject you hate HERE).

9. Infomercials.

10. Dating a high school dropout.

11. Not knowing anyone at a party.

12. Waiting for a bus.

13. Solitaire.

14. Sleeping alone.

15. Listening to couples argue.

16. Assembly instructions.

17. Programming your grandmother's VCR.

18. Waiting in line.

19. Having a conversation with Hector Salamanca.

20. Shoving pencils in your hair.

21. Al Gore.

22. Watching "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" on repeat.

23. This:

24. Waiting at the airport.

25. A stale bagel.

26. Completing a crossword wall.

27. Waiting to get de-commissioned by Sequestration.

28. Filling these out.

And every reporter in Washington says:

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