25 Things John Kerry Looked Like At The Syria Hearings

Oh, sure, I can see that.

25. Lumiere.

24. An eggplant.

23. New Hampshire's former Old Man of the Mountain.

22. An Ent from Lord of the Rings.

21. Mr. Burns.

20. Mr. Freeze.

19. Farmer Hoggett.

18. Easter Island.

17. Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

16. Mr Ed.

15. The Ice Titan from Hercules.

14. A juicer.

13. This irritated Baboon.

12. Victor from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

11. T-1000 Terminator.

10. Disappointed Voldemort.

9. Mayor West.

8. Michael Myers in Halloween.

7. The Sphinx.

6. Sam Eagle.

5. Scaramanga from The Man With The Golden Gun.

4. This Thomas the Tank Engine train.

3. Herman Munster.

2. The vacuum from Brave Little Toaster.

1. A 1950s headache commercial.