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19 Essential Truths About Capitol Hill As Revealed By "House Of Cards"

If you work on Capitol Hill, you are obsessed with House of Cards. Here is why:

Posted on February 27, 2013, at 8:19 a.m. ET

1. Things can be very particular at times, working on Capitol Hill.

2. This is the look you make after most constituent meetings:

3. This is the daily attitude you bring to work.

4. You know that favors in Washington come at a cost.


5. If you work in a press shop, you wish your boss would always answer prying questions like this:

6. You are used to being blown off by the President.


7. Sometimes, your boss can be downright crude behind closed doors.

8. You know this to be absolutely true 100% of the time:


9. You know your boss loves to eat.

10. This might be one of the most romantic things you ever heard:

11. Your boss can be a smartass.


12. You know everyone on Capitol Hill smokes, on occasion.

13. This is the attitude your boss has when his or her legislation passes:

14. This is the general attitude of your office:


15. You know that your boss can be less than brilliant at times.

16. You know that this happens all the time:

17. Your boss has this opinion:


18. And finally, you know this is the most 100% true thing in the entire show:

19. And that is why you are OBSESSED with House of Cards.