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17 Signs You Grew Up With A Government

The good ole days.

Posted on October 11, 2013, at 8:28 a.m. ET

1. Your government worked like this:

Instead of like this:

2. Your World War II veterans...

...were able to see the memorial built in their honor.

The way it was meant to be seen.

Via Matt McClain, Washington Post / Getty Images

3. Your panda cam worked.


4. Your Congress was more popular than Nickelback.

"5% actually."

5. These memes make no sense to you.

6. The people who made this happen...

...still got paychecks.

7. Politicians with extreme political differences...


...could still get along.

8. Children could appreciate the National Zoo.

From somewhere instead of behind bars.

9. Your Congress did not treat budgets this way:

10. Your Congress did not treat the National Debt this way:

11. A functional Food and Drug Administration reduced the salmonella at the dinner table.

12. The Centers for Disease Control and National Institute of Health were still trying to cure people.

13. There was no such thing as these kind of happy hours:

14. You could get this close to the Lincoln Memorial.

Instead of this close.

Via Matt McClain, Washington Post / Getty Images

15. Your Congress looked like this:

Instead of like this:

16. The families of dead U.S. solders were treated with respect.

17. And the statues around your U.S. Capitol cried a little less.

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