These Photos Show How Uvalde, Texas, Is Mourning In The Wake Of The School Massacre

Photographers in Uvalde are capturing the grief — and solidarity — of a community coping with one of the deadliest school shootings in US history.

Following the tragic and shocking school shooting on May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, people across the world have come together to grieve the 19 children and 2 adults who were killed. The people of Uvalde gathered in community spaces and in the town square to mourn and provide each other with desperately needed support. Below are photos of a town in pain, and in solidarity.

Adults and children stand in a large circle and hold hands outside on a plot of grass
A mother holds two children close
A young girl sits outside and cries as a man kneels behind her and places a hand on her back and a woman stands over here
A young girl and man hold each other as they walk toward the double doors of a civic center, around which other people are gathered
A mother hugs a child under a sign reading "Uvalde, Texas"
Four adults stand outside in a front yard as one wipes away tears
A woman in the background, standing by two people sitting on a sidewalk near some strung-up caution tape, looks toward a police officer in the foreground
An electronic sign outside reads "Welcome to Robb Elementary" over a large wooden U and a placard of the state of Texas with a star in the middle
A woman leans her head into a man's chest as both sit on folding chairs outside
Citizens and Border Patrol agents stand outside
A group of people stand in a tight prayer circle beside the Robb Elementary welcome sign, with hands on each other's backs and their heads bowed
A man wearing all black leans over a gate and holds the shoulder of a young girl, as both pray
Overhead lights show classroom doors surrounded by brick walls and backpacks hanging on hooks overnight at a school
Two people hold their heads against each other as they sit and pray
A man walks up to a woman who holds a dog on a leash and stands by a sign that reads "free hugs and prayers"

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