Spotify Wrapped Goes Rogue

Spotify knows who we listened to the most this year. We’re content to leave it there.

On Wednesday, Spotify released its yearly Wrapped, and people used social media to share what they’ve listened to most over the preceding 330ish days. While some people apparently take Spotify Wrapped as a challenge, most are happy enough to show how much they’ve enjoyed Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Mclusky. Still, knowing that Spotify is constantly collecting your listening data is a bit unsettling and led BuzzFeed News to wonder: What activities would we least like to see Wrapped for the year? We worked with illustrator Graham Roumieu to explore the things we’d least like to know about ourselves.

an image that reads "Your year in Chipotle orders."
an image that reads "Hangovers wrapped"
an image of a seductive snowman in bed that reads "top 5 recurring deeply personal dreams about snow wrapped"
an image of a woman crying and looking at her cat that reads "hurtfully ignored by cat year in review."
an image of a man with a shovel and a foot sticking out of the ground that reads "wrapped: 1) Clarence, 2) Warren, 3) Purple hat guy, 4) ..."
an image of a man staring into the middle distance that reads "flashes of existential dread wrapped"
an image of a skull looking at a computer that reads "I hope this email finds you well wrapped"

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