Vanessa Hudgens Was Called Out For "Getting Pics For The 'Gram" During A COVID Lockdown And It's Sparked A Heated Debate

"We're all grounded by the government and she's just prancing about getting pics for the 'gram like we're not still in a pandemic."

Vanessa Hudgens has rocked the boat on social media after posting pictures from a walk in Scotland during a national lockdown.

The High School Musical actor has been setting up camp in Scotland since late last year, where she's reportedly filming the third instalment of the Princess Switch.

And it doesn't look like Vanessa has been splitting her time between work and home either, having seemingly spent her birthday, Christmas, and New Year in Scotland.

However, recent pictures of Vanessa taking in the local sights caused something of a stir, with people criticizing the star for "prancing" around Scotland while it's in a national lockdown.

"[I] get that she's working on a film and that, but Jesus Christ we're all grounded by the government and she's just prancing about getting pics for the 'gram like we're not still in a pandemic," one person tweeted after seeing the pictures.

Another agreed, tweeting: "Why the fuck is Vanessa Hudgens cutting about Scotland in the middle ae a pandemic??? GO HAME."

Another tweet read: "Can't believe Vanessa Hudgens is allowed to cut about Scotland right now but I'm not allowed to go to Edinburgh to see my family through a window."

However, while some weren't happy with the apparent double standards, others pointed out that she wasn't technically doing anything wrong since daily exercise is still permitted during lockdown.

Vanessa Hudgens getting hate for going on a government allowed daily walk & posting a picture whilst out on it which 100% of the public are perfectly also in their rights to do? Also the film is literally giving WORK to a lot of people in the arts in Scotland after a tough year.

But people argued that Vanessa had breached the rules — calling it "tone deaf" — because the location of the bridge was more than 19 miles away from the movie's main filming site.

@hotgirl_sommer @Hollieie Correct

Others, however, noted that the cast had also been filming last week at a second location much closer to the landmarks in her Instagram photos.

Others continued to defend the actor though, noting that the movie she was filming would be giving jobs to those currently struggling because of the pandemic.

Apparently some of my fellow-countrymen can't grasp that there's nothing wrong with Vanessa Hudgens taking a selfie in front of the Forth Rail Bridge... She's here to make a movie, which is nice for the economy. She's _been_ here since before the lockdown began, and hasn't quit.

Twitter: @visor_t

More than 690,000 likes on Instagram today for actress Vanessa Hudgens’ pics in front of the Forth Bridge - the kind of exposure for Scotland that money simply can’t buy. So important that film & TV production can continue at the moment. @caitlyndewar

Twitter: @brianjaffa

Some also called out the "misogyny" and "selective cancel culture," comparing the reaction to Vanessa's pictures with other actors who have also been filming during the pandemic.

PEOPLE REALLY TRYING TO HATE ON VANESSA HUDGENS FOR WORKING IN SCOTLAND?? If you do then please @ your frustrations to Robert Pattinson & his crew & also tell Tom Cruise to 'gO hOME'. BOTH are filming movies in the UK/have done over the last few months. The freaking misogeny.

Twitter: @Hollieie

Nicole kidman filmed a movie in northern Ireland a month ago and went on a walk, as she was perfectly allowed to do (when cases were rapidly rising), & she got praise for it, NO ONE told her to go home. For anyone hating on Vanessa hudgens. Selective cancel culture at its finest.

Twitter: @Hollieie

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Vanessa's reps for comment.

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