Nicole Richie Accidentally Set Her Hair On Fire While Blowing Out Her Birthday Candles And The Video Is Terrifying

"So far 40 is..."

Nicole Richie shared the terrifying moment she accidentally set her hair on fire while blowing out candles to celebrate her 40th birthday.

In a video posted to Instagram, Nicole could be seen leaning over her birthday cake to blow out her candles.

However, as she did so, her hair caught fire.

The video cut as friends tried to put out the flames. However, seemingly OK after the incident, Nicole posted the video with a lighthearted caption, writing: " far 40 is 🔥"

Nicole's husband, Joel Madden, also appeared to have a sense of humor about the accident, using Paris Hilton's iconic catchphrase from The Simple Life, "That's hot."

A whole bunch of other celebs jumped into the comments too, including the likes of Amy Schumer, Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell, and Sofia Richie.

Paris herself also joined the chat to wish Nicole a happy birthday, using her nickname "Bill" to do so.

Before the drama with the candles, it looked like Nicole was celebrating her birthday alongside some close friends at an outdoor dinner, with decorations including party hats and framed pictures of Nicole throughout the years.

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