Madison Beer Asked People To "Be Nice" After Tweeting That She Was "Exhausted" From Being Labeled "Cringe Or Embarrassing"

"I've been bullied, discredited, attacked and made fun of every day of my life since I was 12."

Madison Beer asked fans and trolls to be kinder online after opening up about the "mental toll" constant criticism is having on her.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, the 22-year-old singer said she was "so exhausted" by the trolling and hate she receives online, going as far as to say it had made her stop wanting to leave the house.

so exhausted of everything i do being labeled as cringe or embarrassing like i literally never wanna leave my house again

She went on: "I struggle so fuckin much to do such simple things because of all the mental health things I deal with that I've talked about publicly and still!!! Still I am literally bullied and made fun of NONSTOP."

Madison also condemned the narrative that she shouldn't be in the public eye or release music if she couldn't cope with the attention and criticism the job comes with.

"I've been bullied, discredited, attacked and made fun of every day of my life since I was 12," Madison added. "How could people expect that to not take a mental toll on someone?"

After thanking fans for their support, Madison simply finished: "Life is short. Just be nice to people man."

This all comes after Madison recently opened up about trolling, claiming that TikTok had led to a "whole new wave of bullies."

"The worst for [online bullying] is TikTok, which in my opinion has sparked this whole new wave of bullies," she told NME. "Sometimes, I'll see a video of myself on my 'For You' page and I want to scroll past it as fast as I can. Because I know if I look at it, the comments are going to be horrible and hateful to me and below the belt. That stuff is really tough for me to look at."

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