Kylie Jenner Jumped On Instagram To Remind Everyone She's Rich After Being Dragged For Her "Pathetic" Shower

"Thank you everyone for your concern."

Kylie Jenner has seen your tweets about her shower, and she isn't bothered. In fact, she's basically laughing right back at us.

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For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, let's take it back to earlier this week, when Miss Billionaire showed off her shower on Instagram.

Of course, the whole thing is very fancy — I'm no expert, but is that, like, pink marble??? — and just another reminder that yes, Kylie is very, very rich.

But it didn't take long for people to rip Kylie's shower to shreds because of............the water pressure.

Kylie Jenner lives in a $35m mansion, and this is the water pressure...

I mean, yes, when you look at it properly, the water pressure does seem a little pathetic and, of course, people took great pleasure in laughing about it.

me judging kylie jenner's $35mill shower from the comfort of my parent's house

Twitter: @AVFC_Luke

But Kylie was too busy living it up in on vacation (during a pandemic) to really know what was going on. Well, until now that is.

Jumping onto her Instagram stories, Kylie posted what can only be described as the most gloriously petty "I don't know about you guys but I'm rich" video possible and set the record straight.

"OK, good morning everybody," Kylie begins, in a tone that suggests she is exhausted by having to grace us with her presence. "It is a beautiful day. I keep seeing on the internet my fucking shower."

Honestly, first of all, what a scream. Intro of the century? I do believe so! The ~rise and shine~ video is shaking a little bit!

"If you don't know what I'm talking about," Kylie goes on, "I posted a video of my shower at my headquarters, my offices, which I love."

Now, I'd like to make another pit stop here because this line? Well, it really has some subtle punches, doesn't it?! Kylie is letting us know that she is an entrepreneur! With headquarters! Employees! An empire to run! And not only that, but those headquarters are so fancy, that of COURSE they have a pink marble shower! She is letting us know that while the rest of us are fighting over the coffee machine with Jim from the marketing department at work, she could be having a spa session in a shower that is bigger than the average studio apartment.

Like I said — petty!

"I think it's an amazing shower. I have no problem with it," the beauty mogul continues. "But everyone seems to find the water pressure very concerning."


That "everyone seems to find the water pressure very concerning" really made me laugh like a banshee. Like, she is SICK and TIRED of us regular people getting in her business, even if she's the one putting her business in our faces in the first place!

"So this is really my shower at my house," Kylie carries on, embarrassing us all. "This is my everyday shower."

Instagram: @kyliejenner

OK look, I don't want to keep stopping every three seconds but the "this is my everyday shower" is taking me out. That is rich people talk for "I have 17 bathrooms and a different shower for different occasions, but I guess I'll show you the basic one to get you off my back."

"It's amazing," Kylie adds, showing off the fancy tech OUTSIDE OF THE SHOWER that means you don't have to get your arm wet just to turn it on. "You turn it on from right here. You can set your temperature — I like 102 — you can do…"

Instagram: @kyliejenner

At this point, the video cuts out and, if you ask me, that was God saying, "OK, don't stunt on them too hard. Showing them the temperature dial was enough. Don't embarrass them on a Wednesday like this."

"This is my water pressure," Kylie finishes, now really showing off. "It's amazing. Thank you, everyone, for your concern."

It's not entirely clear whether Kylie is at home being petty or if she's actually in Mexico with Kendall as they're both currently posting pictures from their vacation. But, either way, I guess that's us told!